Pet ownership comes with many gifts and many challenges. One of the hardest things we may encounter is watching our beloved pet age and worrying whether we are doing everything we can for them. There may even come a time when we wonder if we are extending their sufferi...

Dogs communicate with us—and one another— by using their own sophisticated language, most of which is non-verbal. Seven important aspects of a dog’s body language can help us decipher what they are trying to tell us, and those include eyes, ears, mouth, tail, sweat and...

Shelley and I spent some time talking about what "manners" are essential for dogs to learn, fun activities for blowing off steam, and the importance of instead.

Listen HERE.

Many of us have a furry pal that we’d love to find activities to get involved with beyond a walk around the block. Since most dogs were bred for a purpose beyond companionship, Fido certainly can benefit from some extra-curricular activities! We are fortunate here in W...

Summer is a great opportunity to spend some time working with the family pooch to keep his or her mind stimulated. Whether an old grey-muzzle or just a young pup, all dogs can benefit from some continued education. Mental stimulation helps keep our dogs happy and healt...

Summer is here, and we West Michiganders find ourselves looking for excuses to get outside. The mild temperatures of late spring and early summer make for the perfect time of year for Fido to join us in our outdoor activities. Whether you’re walking, hiking, camping or...

There are many different types of working dogs in the world. Some have obvious jobs, such as police dogs or search and rescue, while others may be a bit more subtle. Among these less-obvious doggy occupations are service dogs (assistance animals), therapy dogs and emot...

Technology continues to evolve and improve the daily lives of those willing to try it, and our pet’s lives are no exception! Here are five tech items to treat your furry friend to this year.

1.Lowest Maintenance Litter Box Ever

Cat owners know how important it is to keep...

Adopting a furry family member can be an exciting — and nerve-wracking — experience.There are so many options to consider! Big or small? Long or short hair? Purebred or mutt? Puppy or adult? Well, let me propose another possibility: A senior dog.

Senior dogs are a great...

Grain Free. Organic. All Natural. Take a stroll around your local pet supply store, and you’ll see labels and claims of all sorts staring at you from the shelves. Pet owners can be passionate about choosing the best food for their pets, but with thousands of products o...

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