Summer is a great opportunity to spend some time working with the family pooch to keep his or her mind stimulated. Whether an old grey-muzzle or just a young pup, all dogs can benefit from some continued education. Mental stimulation helps keep our dogs happy and healt...

 Last week we discussed raising our criteria to include some commitment before presenting the reward. For our purposes, commitment means any forward momentum. Especially early on, we really want to make sure we are reinforcing the choice (or the initiative) to move tow...

Last week we were looking for some recognition of the cue, "Come!" Now that we are seeing that recognition, we can begin to ask for some commitment from our pup before getting their reward. So, just as we did last week, we want the food dish to be hidden - or at least...

The recall.

Otherwise known as "come", or "here", or one of many other variations of the cue.

Here's the typical scenario: It's a sunny spring day, and Fido has just been let out to play after being cooped up in the house all day while Mom and Dad were at work. Fido is h...

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