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Relevant, NOT Dominant

Relevant, NOT Dominant!

Are you the "alpha" of your pack? Well, no. You aren't. You can't be. Dominance Theory (aka Pack Theory) is not really what you think it is. Victoria Stilwell does a great job describing the issues with dominance theory in the article, "Pack Theory Debunked" (linked below).

Instead of looking at your relationship with your pet as one of dominance/submissiveness, think instead of respect and relevance. If you are RELEVANT to your dog (meaning that you matter to him), he will defer to you. More importantly, he will look to you for information about what is expected of him.THAT is what leadership is about!

How are YOU relevant to your dog? Do you provide boundaries and consistency? Do you give clear communication and expectations? Do you provide access to resources (food, play, access to the environment)? These are just some of the ways that we can become RELEVANT to our dogs.

Click the photo below to be taken to Victoria Stilwell's article, "Pack Theory Debunked."

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