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What breed is that doggy in the window?

Science Daily article, DNA studies reveal that shelter workers often mislabel dogs as 'pit bulls' (published Feb, 17, 2016), states, "Even though most pet dogs are of unknown mixed breeds, there is a natural inclination among pet owners to speculate on what their dog's breed heritage might be, the authors said."

While the statistics in this article are tremendously variable, the point is well taken. Depending on the bias of the person labeling, the same dog could be described as a pit bull or a labrador or sometimes some uncommon breed (unlikely to even end up in a shelter). None of which has any real implications as to the health or behavior of that individual dog!

So, next time you are considering adoption, pay less attention to the "label" stating your potential pooch is a "Cane Corso" or an "American Bulldog" or a plain-ol' Pittie, and instead utilize a trainer, behaviorist, or even the shelter staff to look at his individual temperament!

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