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Pet-Friendly Vacations

Taking Fido on the road? Not before you check out these resources!

Looking to include your furry friend on your next vacation?

Financial consulting company SmartAsset analyzed data on the most dog-accessible cities in America using the number of dog parks, dog-friendly shopping areas and restaurants, as well as the city’s quality of life as criteria for ranking. California fared the best, with three major cities represented; however, there’s no need to travel cross-country to find wag-worthy cities, since the Midwest’s most dog-friendly locales include Chicago and Minneapolis.


Top 10 Dog-Accessible Cities in America

According to SmartAsset

San Francisco, CA

Las Vegas, NV

Denver, CO

San Diego, CA

Albuquerque, NM

Sacramento, CA

Chicago, IL

Minneapolis, MN

Tucson, AZ

New York, NY


Whether you choose to visit one of these exciting canine-catering cities, or if you find yourself looking for a diamond in the “ruff,” arm yourself with these websites and resources to help you and Fifi along your incredible journey... Read more here.


Interstate and international travel regulations can be found by visiting the USDA APHIS website HERE.

Look up the state you are traveling to well in advance to ensure you have adequate prep time!

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